As told by him. He is uneducated and his language is not refined… I removed a few words he used and corrected a few grammatical errors. But it is 100% what he wanted to say…

  1. I will refer the service information and repair guidance available in the library before start diagonising any new complaints. I wasted two days on that Dynamic Stability Control System warning lamp problem. To my utter embarrassment, the new trainer solved it in ten minutes. He refered the list of service informations on this model first. There was a similar case reported from another country. Who will doubt the passenger side door request switch for this *#$%ing warning lamp? To hell with CAN bus. That *#$%ing scan tool is uuuuuseless. There were no codes.
  2. I will not call the new trainer a bookworm hereafter. You know why.
  3. I will not complain about the apprentice boy again. Last week I saw him going to the customer waiting area, after working hours, like a thief. I followed him. He took one coffee from the vending machine. I complained to workshop controller. You know tiger tommy… the boy went home crying. He does not know it was I who did that. I went to his house last Friday. Poor thing. No father. Mother works in a shop. Three small brothers…I felt very sorry.
  4. I will teach the new technicians all I know. I won’t hide anything from them. Last week I saw a movie – Christmas Carol. I thought it would be some funny movie and took the DVD. So sad story man! It made me cry. My wife also cried. My daughter, you know she goes to school, says some Chicken wrote the story. Chicken?… or Chickens? Nice name for a man… Chickens!