11  in the night…I was flying through the Dubai-Muscat highway. I was tired after an unsuccessful day. I had been working on a vehicle problem the whole day. At 10 pm I was still very near to where I started at 9 am and decided to retire.

En route there is a Pakistani restaurant famous for tandoori chicken . There must be some secret communication going on between my stomach and limbs without involving my brain. The right foot leaves the accelerator pedal, finds the brake pedal, right hand shifts the gear out of D,… and I find myself parked in front of the restaurant.

I was into the second piece of chicken when this song started playing in the television. “Rim zhim gire saawan…” . The great Amitab Bachan! But I could not recognize the cute girl who was with him.

By 11.45 I was back on the road. The song has lifted my moods and I forgot my failure that day. But soon something else started gnawing  my heart though I could not find out what it was.

I reached home by 1.15 am. Before going to bed I googled “rim jim gire sawan…”

Sorry Jessica Alba, I am moving you down to number three. The number two position in my “most attractive female” list belongs to Moushumi Chatterjee now.