How Babu Bhai served samosas till 2012

samosa 3

His were the tastiest samosas around.


I walked in for a tea on January 14 after a brief gap of three weeks…

How Babu Bhai serves samosas now

samosa 2

Two samosas in a plate! Accompanied by a few drops of red and green liquids!

I waved off a bottle of drinking water and a disposable plastic cup which were about to land. Drinking water was free before.

“One set! No singles!” He is ruthless.

Before I finished saying “chai” came ratata “masala chai? saffron chai? chicken chai?…”

Chai was just Chai in 2012!

“Chai samosa one fifty” it used to be just an yell to the boy at the counter before.

This time he brought a bill!

Three hundred percent of what I used to spend on evening tea till December 2012!

I felt deceived…

I was sad…

And, that was my last visit to Babu bhai’s ‘Oasis Coffeeshop’.