Too many discussions about automobiles between the six year old and ten year old of late! Toyota dream car drawing competition was the trigger.

Cars that plant trees, cars running with water, cars with legs to climb, flying cars,cars that catch mosquitoes, cars that can change into flying demons, … every bit of paper in the house is filled with DESIGNS…


I am not sure whether this is what Toyota was expecting …

“I will buy a Camaro when I am big” the ten year old has decided.

“A Chevrolet for me” the six year old.

“Which Chevrolet?” I was curious. They haven’t seen many Chevys here.

“Which Chevrolet!?…. An yellow  one… an yellow one with red lines… ”

“A yellow one idiot… it is A… not an yellow one… Chevrolet Zebra… ha ha … yellow Zebra” the ten year old never misses a chance to tease his younger brother.

“You know acha… my Camaro can eat a horse! It can swallow a full horse”

“Eating horses… your Camaro can’t eat even a rat! My Chevrolet can eat ten kinder joy and ten dairy milk!” the six year old strikes back.

Yesterday I was caught in a nasty traffic jam. It took almost three hours for me to cover ten kilometers. At some point I found myself behind a Mustang.  I was looking at the horse emblem on it and all of a sudden I remembered what the ten year old was telling a few days back… ” my Camaro can eat a horse”.

I googled ‘Camaro eating horse’ ‘Camaro eating Mustang’ ‘Camaro and Mustang’

I am poor in history. Scored badly in history papers in school. Never read history books more than thirty minutes at a stretch… even on the day before the exams… But I spent hours in front of my PC yesterday night… on the history of automobiles…

Mr. SEPAW SECRETARY, are you still around?