‘Acha, whats inertia?’

It is Vinayak.

Schools are closed.

Vinayak and Sidharth are ‘home alone’.

I was in a training. I had told them not to call me unless it was very urgent.

He knows we break for lunch at one.

Why inertia!?

“Vinayak, inertia means… umm… imagine a body in motion…”

May be too much for an eleven year old…

“You remember how you lost your tooth last vacation?”

“Yeah… we were in that low floor bus… the lorry in front stopped and our driver… but that tooth was just waiting to fall…”

“Our driver applied brake and you moved forward…”

“I know, I know,… a moving body will continue its motion until a force acts on it to stop it… bus was moving, I was also moving, bus braked, no brake on me, so bus stopped and I moved forward,… I agree… but what is inertia of a beyblade?”

“Beyblade!”… so that is it! A long-drawn-out war was going on between Vinayak and Sidharth since 20 March.

It was Sidharth’s birthday.

He got a Beyblade stadium as gift from me.

As usual, he demanded an Yellow Chevrolet [This time he was more specific, CHEVROLET CAMARO!] at first.

Then, as in the past, considering the long wait to turn 18 to get a driving license, he is just 8, he settled on Beyblade stadium.

Of course, he took a beyblade as well, with a launcher.

“How can he play with a single beyblade?”

True… you need two…

My purse sheds weight again.

Another beyblade with launcher for Vinayak also…

The beyblade is a complex thing…

There are many things to consider when buying one!

Attack, defence, agility, stamina, power, stability… selecting a fighter plane is easier!

Vinayak took one that matched Sidharth’s in every department.

But Sidharth’s ‘cosmic warrior’ kept on beating Vinayak’s ‘thunderbolt’.

It was 137 – 0 yesterday evening.

Internet search made him wiser… there was one more parameter… inertia!

Cosmic warrior is 3.7% up in inertia.

“But, acha the bus was moving! This is just spinning!”

Hmm… Rotary motion is not in Class 6 Science?

Difficult to convince him that spinning is also a form of motion, and inertia is applicable to spinning bodies also.


Tool setA few weeks ago I had bought Vinayak a screwdriver set.

There was a bit that matched the screws on the beyblade launcher.

I never thought he will be trying the screwdriver on the launcher.

He removed the screws and pulled the launcher apart.

Something flew off.

It was his first encounter with springs.

LauncherHe has been trying to fix it back for the last three hours… Sidharth told.

There were youtube videos on beyblade launcher assembly… but the spring   kept on flying away each time he put the pawl into position.

“Why?… Why did you open it?”

“To change the rotation… to reverse rotate”

“Change the rotation?!”

“Now both are rotating in same direction… I wanted to make mine opposite”

“What is wrong with its rotation?!”20150327_230623

“It is losing stamina when hitting Sid’s…’


“Opposite rotation, I will get stamina from Sid’s when we hit”

“Why did you open the launcher!?”

“I thought there was something inside that will change the rotation”

“You found something?!”

“Nothing… only one wheel with teeth, one stick and one that…”


“Yes… spring”

It was the meanest spring I ever met.


Sidharth googled SPRING and was directed to some online grammar courses.

He found SPRING SPRANG SPRUNG so funny and kept on chanting it till he fell asleep.