I was waiting for the projector cooling fan to stop when one of the participants came back.

We had just finished an hour training session on G Vectoring Control.

It won’t be true to call it a training session, it was more of a discussion.

This session was not in our calendar.

There was a reason for arranging it.

A customer had approached one of our workshops with a strange demand.

He wanted to install G Vectoring Control in his old Mazda 6!

Like any other Mazda customer, he was young at heart, tech savvy, and demanding.

He read about G Vectoring Control on Mazda USA website and at once decided to spice up his Mazda 6.

“I am a computer engineer Sujumon… I think you know that!… My car has everything… ABS, EBD, Stability Control, everything!… All hardware is there… This is just a software… I know that…You just install it… I will pay you whatever you want… Change the control unit… No problem… give me the software if you can’t… I will do it myself”

It was a little difficult to convince him that G Vectoring Control is different from the Stability Control in his old Mazda 6.

While stability control in his old car is is all about yaw management,  G Vectoring control deals with managing pitch.

G Vectoring Control

“This torque thing… it is in my brother’s Audi… nothing new!”

“That’s different Ayman… That is Torque Vectoring Control… it is for Yaw management… G Vectoring control is different… the subtle variations in vertical loads on tyres  is the key here…”

“Controlling vertical loading on tyres! Oh, come on… Sometimes you forget that… how many times I told you my BS is in Mechanical Engineering!”

I explained to him about the load transfer during acceleration, deceleration, and braking. And, how deliberate, precise control of wheel vertical loads can make driving more enjoyable.

“Precise variations in engine output quick enough to enhance vehicle handling at all speeds… that is Mazda’s way of achieving this … You need a SKYACTIV engine for this.”

At some point I felt that he was just pretending not to know. I have seen many Mazda customers like that. Hope you remember Hassan. Crazy about cars. A car is a matter of their heart… not of brain.

The service adviser remained a mute spectator. A ‘why did you hide all these from us’ expression was evident in his eyes and body language.

Usually I design courses keeping in mind what is essential for the participants. Sometimes, not sometimes… almost all the times, I am forced to omit the science behind the technologies… and sometimes, some customers take advantage of it and cause embarrassment to our team.

This session was a move to discuss the science behind G Vectoring Control.


I was waiting for the projector cooling fan to stop when one of the participants came back.

“Sir… sorry for troubling you… the vertical load…  how can it change!… pitching and yawing are about two different axis…”

“…when you brake only one wheel, there is yaw moment…it is clear to me… when you give more torque to one wheel… then also… but…”

I knew where he was going.

I thought of The Physics of Racing.

I felt the topic cannot be explained better and simpler.

“Read it… any doubts, let me know… we will discuss”

It is more than a month.

No news from him till today.

And “No news is good news” holds in this part of the world as well.