“See page 254!” yelled the ten year old.

Milliseconds ago I saw him flying over the teapoy, landing on the carpet head first, and rolling towards the television stand.

Out of the corner of my eye, the fourteen year old was recovering from some acrobatic maneuver.

An airborne book just missed my nose and fell dead on the dining table.

“See page 254!”

I could see the elder one turning pale.

Mother rushes in from kitchen

“Amma… see page 254… ”

She quickly assessed the collateral damage.

As always, Lord Vinayagar is safe. He has uncanny abilities to dodge missiles.

The money plant is intact.

The family photos arranged on the television stand are in place too.

Even the Kuber Kunji on the computer table remains unscathed. A stray bullet always hits him, wherever he is.

He changed positions umpteen times in two years.

But each skirmish between the ten year old and his four years elder brother leaves him a scar.

The scars have drained Kuber Kunji of his powers. He is not delivering. So believe my wife. “See the increasing digits in the monthly credit card statements!”

“See page 254 ammmah!”

KFC closing down?

Chevy discontinuing yellow colour??



I am forced to delete the remaining part of the post.

In fact I struggled a bit to put together the last part.

As usual, Vin and Sid peeped into.

They are aware, I drag them into the posts occasionally.

When I was almost through, they withdrew from the scene…

Hushed discussions continued for a while…


“Habeus Corpus, chetta?” the ten year old aired his doubt a little loudly. I think it was intentional. He wanted his father sitting a little away to hear it.

“Nono… it is defamation suit…” the fourteen year old’s voice was not loud as his brother’s.

“901 or 999 chetta?”

“Nonono… not to Police… it is through the court…”



Name of the book???

Hmm, let me consult a lawyer first!